Division K 2015-2016

On July 1st, 2015 Baltic Stated joined District 95 and Finland formed with and Baltic States a new Division Division K with three areas.

  • Division Director: David Gelkin
  • Area K1 Director: Oscar Santolalla
  • Area K2 Director: Gabriela Roivainen
  • Area K3 Director: Vanda Dauksta

Area K1 & K2 Fall Conference at Harakkasaari, HelsinkiArea Conference

Humorous Speech Contest winners

Area K1: Nando Miranda
Area K2: David Domingues

Table Topics Contest winners:

Area K1: Nando Miranda
Area K2: David Domingues

Division K Fall Conference in Tallinn, Estonia

The first Division K conference was held in Tallinn, Estonia with a special guest and keynote speaker: Ted Cocran, Past International President. Area Contest winners competed for a place at District 95 semi-finals.


Humorous Speech Contest
1st David Domingues, home club Virtual Speakers

Table Topics Contest
1st Nando Miranda, home club Stadi Talkers.
At District Conference in Prague Nando placed on third place!

Area K1 & K2 Spring Conference, in Espoo Helsinki

International Speech Contest:
Area K1 1st. Pekka Kanerva, 2nd Juuso Nykänen
Area K2 1st Adriana Vasilache, 2nd Ekaterina Ignatyeva

Evaluation Contest
Area K1: 1st Margareta Muru, 2nd Irina Gerhman
Area K2: 1st Ekaterian Ignatyeva, 2nd Adrian Imre

Division K Spring Conference in Riga, Latvia


Division K Spring Conference was held at Microsoft premises in Riga, Latvia. The keynote speaker was easy-speak guru Bill Monsour from District 59.

International Speech Contest:
1st. Pekka Kanerva,
2nd Simonas Jakubauskas
3rd Adriana Vasilache

Evaluation Contest
1st Greta Slauciunaite,
2nd Ekaterian Ignatyeva,
3rd Irina Gerhman